The course has been designed for

  • Students who would like to achieve the high level of English Language for the further education
  • Students who looking for top quality and excellent course outcome

The course aims and objectives

Is to prepare international students for the academic skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening ). The course objectives are:

  • To handle the language more effectively and with greater confidence
  • To speak and write more accurately
  • To develop students’ ability to use source materials efficiently
  • To prepare students for participation in academic seminars and discussions
  • To prepare students for key academic listening tasks and develop strategies for coping with extended listening
  • Revision and input of grammar and vocabulary
  • To understand your own areas of need and continue to improve in the future
  • To achieve the best possible mark in the IELTS exam
  • The course concentrates on the 4 language areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking ( in an academic context, as well as concentration on grammar and pronunciation )


  • Techniques: skimming, scanning, and guessing of unknown words
  • Practice: in using styles of texts commonly used in the test


  • Techniques: describing graphs and tables (Task1), discursive essays, writing (Task 2).
  • Practice: in writing text types commonly used in the test


  • Techniques: listening intensively to lectures, talks, conversations, discussions
  • Practice: types of gap-filling, diagrammatic exercises used in the test


  • Techniques: role play, description, questioning, speaking about given topics


  • The typical interview situation
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