English for academic purposes course (EAP) is designed for those who are planning to do further studies in British universities.


The aim of this course is to prepare international students for the academic skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening). The course objectives are:

  • To handle the language more effectively and with greater confidence.
  • To speak and write more accurately.
  • To develop students’ ability to use source materials efficiently.
  • To prepare students for participation in academic seminars and discussions.
  • To prepare students for key academic listening tasks and develop strategies for coping with extended listening.
  • Revision and input of grammar and lexis.
  • To understand your own areas of need and continue to improve in the future.
  • To achieve the best possible mark in the IELTS exam.


The course varies in length (it depends on the student’s existing level of English).
weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks

Course Contents:

The course concentrates on the 4 language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking, explored in an academic context, as well as classes on grammar and pronunciation.
Techniques: skimming, scanning, and guessing of unknown words.
Practice: in using styles of texts commonly used in the test.
Techniques: describing graphs and tables (Task1), discursive essays, writing (Task 2).
Practice: in writing text types commonly used in the test.
Techniques: listening intensively to lectures, talks, conversations, discussions.
Practice: types of gap-filling, diagrammatic exercises used in the test.

Techniques: role play, description, questioning, speaking about given topics.

Practice: in the typical interview format.

Further Techniques

The course includes other study techniques such as:

  • Management of time in the test.
  • Strategies and examples.
  • Strategies for understanding lecturer and assignment’s questions.
  • How to prepare an effective presentation.

Course Materials

BCC teachers are delighted to recommend the most effective and appropriate materials for students. The syllabus for classes and self-study is based upon authentic materials taken from a variety of sources. Additional materials will be used to reflect the interests and level of the group in question. Other audio, video and computer materials are available in the college.

Entry Requirement

Students will be tested to determine their actual English level on the starting date. Students should be on level 4 (intermediate) to make good progress during the English for Academic purposes (EAP) course.

Course Structure and Technique arrangements

To teach a maximum of 12 students per class with a total of 22 contact hours per week.
Students will be divided according to language level.
The course will comprise intensive language study in the mornings and afternoons.
Classes take place between 9.00-15.00 plus the opportunity to join in a social programme that offers extra-curricular activities each week.

Methods of assessment

The final course mark is based on submitted coursework and an exam. The coursework is an essay or report that the student has to prepare and submit to the college.

Course Guarantee

During the English for Academic Purposes course, BCC teachers are able to lead successfully international students to achieve high level of English.

BCC guarantees the quality and assures excellent course outcome if:
Students achieve 100% attendance
Students do all the required coursework