The BCC 26-week Professional Legal Training Course aims to provide an understanding of the legal terms necessary for personnel involved in this field.

Candidate profile

The Professional Legal Training Course is designed for international students who have an Intermediate Level of English on entry:

  • Candidates should have an IELTS minimum level of 5.0
  • Candidates are expected to have some professional knowledge of the relevant law subjects, but to be deficient in the appropriate English language terminology relating to this field.

Course layout

This course is ideal for participants who have completed studies at an advanced level. This course is suitable for legal office workers or law students. The course includes the following modules:

  • Specific types of purchase and sale contracts
  • Obligations of the seller and the purchaser
  • General introduction to credit contracts
  • Provisions of the Credit Agreements Act
  • General introduction to the contract of employment
  • Conditions of employment and obligations of parties
  • Vicarious liability of an employer
  • The obligations of the parties in a contract of agency
  • The nature of a negotiable instrument, various types of negotiable instruments, formal.

Lecturing staff

BCC currently employs 15 full-time academic tutors, 3 part-time tutors and 2 freelance specialist consultants. The School recruitment policy is to seek only professionally qualified individuals with either a first degree, diploma or certificate qualification in ELT. In addition, because the emphasis at BCC is on high-quality, practical, vocational and professional training, all academic staff are required to have professional or vocational experience in the workplace, with extensive experience in a training role. They will provide constant progress monitoring, regular testing, homework and directed self-study assignments. The level of teaching is pinnacle to your success.

Progress reports

Students undergo pre-course diagnostic tests on their arrival at BCC for placement and planning purposes.


Detailed reports on each trainee will be submitted to the Client on a monthly basis. Training reports will cover the following:

  • IELTS levels & progress in all areas of study
  • Attitude to studies, ie motivation, effort and participation
  • Quality & submission of assignments
  • Attendance & punctuality
  • Major strengths & weaknesses, & any remedial action required
  • Any known welfare or social problems
  • Study skills demonstrated

Special reports may be submitted at any time in the case of participants whose conduct, effort, or motivation raise doubts as to their suitability to continue the programme.


As a mark of BCC quality, it has been accredited by London Centre of Marketing to run various courses in Management, business, hospitality and marketing, and legal studies.

College facilities

BCC occupies 2 prominent and adjoining, centrally-located in Bournemouth town center .BCC capacity is around 250 students and facilities include:

  • 2 fully-networked IT Multi-Media Centers; 30 computers
  • Management Centre
  • Internet access & e-mail facilities
  • Library
  • High-speed, Broadband connection
  • Real-time access to the Internet for trainees on specialised programmes
  • Designated room with connection points for note-books
  • Student Common Room, with satellite television, internet access & refreshment facilities
  • Garden area for relaxation

Learning outcomes

On completion of the BCC Professional Legal Training Course, the participants would have achieved the following:

  • Understand the mechanisms of choice of forum and choice of law, permitting to identify the law applicable to the contract;
  • Develop an aptitude to apply, to any given set of facts, the general principles of the Law of Purchase and Sale;
  • Ability to distinguish between various types of negotiable instruments;
  • Knowledge of the formal requirements in respect of negotiable instruments;
  • developed cultural awareness & facilitate adaptation
  • developed the ability to function effectively in an international business environment
  • developed a further understanding of law skills

Course administration

Sports, Leisure and Recreation

The BCC ethos is based on the work-hard, play-hard principle. In addition to a sound and intensive academic programme, therefore, students are encouraged in every way possible to enjoy their leisure time to the full. The School has a varied and extensive social and sports programme.

Accommodation and Welfare

BCC offers both standard and executive host-family accommodation. BCC standard host-family accommodation includes a single study/bedroom, breakfast and evening meal, Monday to Friday, and full board at weekends. The cost of the standard host family accommodation is GBP120.00 per week .BCC has its won student accommodation (BCC residence) which is located in the town centre.

Religious Observance

When compiling weekly timetables the college makes every effort to allow trainees to observe their religious faiths.

Medical Care

All necessary medical arrangements are made for trainees who become unwell, and medical treatment is normally provided free by the British National Health Service. Insurance cover is necessary, however, to cover the cost of non-emergency treatment, including dental and optical care.