CAE is ideal if you want to work or study abroad or to develop a career which requires language skills. It is also useful preparation if you are working towards CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

On passing the exam, you’ll receive a certificate awarded by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Your CAE certificate is recognised by universities and employers throughout the world.

Exam dates

Cambridge FCE / CAE

Exam Preparation Courses

  • 6th January 2014 – 28th March 2014
  • 31st March 2014 – 20th June 2014
  • 23rd June 2014 – 12th September 2014*
  • 15th September 2014 – 19th December 2014

Exam Fees

  • Cambridge FCE:£125
  • Cambridge CAE:£125
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