To call the police in an emergency, dial 999 (or 112) free from any telephone; ask for the Police service.

If it is not an emergency, contact your local police station.

You can find police stations using UpMyStreet: www.upmystreet.com. Select Local area, enter a postcode or town name, select Policing & crime and choose Nearest police station.

In London the service is provided by the Metropolitan Police: www.met.police.uk (except in the City, where it is provided by the City of London Police: www.cityoflondon.police.uk).

There is an alphabetical list of the Metropolitan Police’s stations at: http://www.met.police.uk/contact/phone.htm.

You can also contact the Metropolitan Police in a non-emergency situation using the number 0300 123 1212

For crimes committed while you are travelling on a train (including London Underground), contact the British Transport Police: www.btp.police.uk (telephone 0800 405040)

For information about how to reduce the chance of having your things stolen, and about what to do after a theft, see: Personal/Safety.

Fire Brigade

If there is a fire, dial 999 (or 112) free from any telephone; ask for the Fire service. For information about fire safety, see: http://www.firekills.gov.uk.


To be taken to hospital in an emergency, dial 999 (or 112) free from any telephone; ask for the Ambulance service. If it is not an emergency, go to the hospital by taxi.

Sea Rescue

If someone is in trouble in the sea, dial 999 (or 112) free from any telephone and ask for the Coast Guard service.

Gas Emergencies

If you smell gas, call Transco’s 24-hour gas emergency service: 0800 111999 begin.

Water Emergencies

In case of a problem with flooding, burst water pipes or contaminated (dirty/dangerous) water supplies, contact your local water company or your council.

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