January 3, 2014 2:45 pm

Welcome to your BCC excursion to London. The coach will leave Bournemouth on Saturday Morning at 07.45 from the school. Please be on time as we are not allowed to park for a long time on the main road, if you miss the departure there will be no refund.

The Coach will arrive in London around 10.00.Please follow the BCC group leader for a guided walk finishing in Trafalgar Square.You will then have free time for 5 hours to go shopping or walking.Please meet back at the bus at 17.00.

The walking tour will commence at Millbank bridge and you will go successively to Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street(House of the Prime Minister), St James Park, Buckingham Palace (Home and Office of the Queen – the Union Jack Flag is flying when she is in) and the National Gallery – Famous for its paintings. When the guided walk finishes around 12.00 you will be free until 17.15.

You can go to Oxford Street, Regent Street or Carnaby Street which are very popular for shopping or you can visit one of the attractions detailed on the next page.The Thames River Boat cruises are also a good and affordable trip to do.They leave every 30 minutes. A One dayUnderground Pass for 2 Zones costs approximately £4.50.

London Top Attractions

london – Big BenBig Ben, one of London’s most recognized landmarks.Big Ben is the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. Strictly speaking Big Ben was the name given to the 13 ton Great Bell of Westminster.Over time the name has stuck with both St Stephen’s Tower and the clock itself.
Westminster Abbey, situated by Parliament Square in the centre of London is regarded as the House of Kings.The Abbey has been the setting for the coronation of almost every king and queen of England since the time of William the Conqueror.This is the place where Lady Diana, “The people’s princess” was held.

Buckingham Palace has been the official London home of the sovereign since it was built by the first Duke of Buckingham between 1701 and 1705.In the early 19th century, King George IV had had enough with his London and ordered for it to be knocked down and rebuilt from scratch.It became the official residence of Queen Victoria in 1837 and is today used as both a home and office by the present Queen, Elizabeth II.

Trafalgar Square was laid out in the 1820’s in memory of the British naval hero, Admiral Nelson, whose column dominates the square.Lord Nelson did in the battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon.Trafalgar Square is always at the centre of London’s celebrations and is a well known public meeting place.Around the area of Trafalgar Square are the National Gallery and the beautiful St Martin’s in the Fields.

Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square at the heart of the West End in London, is the meeting point of some of London’s most famous streets.Piccadilly, Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue all lead off from Piccadilly Circus with its brightly colored lights and famous for hosting the cinema premiere.

London 0 4St Paul’s Cathedral.The immense dome of St Paul’s cathedral has stood above the London skyline for almost 300 years, an emblem of London’s pride and courage.The cathedral, also known as the London Cathedral, was the masterpiece of the architect Sir Christopher Wren.The present building is the latest in a series of churches to have occupied this site. Christopher Wren was commissioned by King Charles II to construct a model for a replacement cathedral following the Great Fire of London in 1666.This fire had burned down most to f the city of London.In 1675, Wren’s third model was approved.St Paul’s cathedral was completed in 1710, and is the fifth religious structure to have stood on the site (the first was a Roman temple dedicated to the Goddess Diana). St Paul’s Cathedral has been the setting for many famous events over the years, most notably it was the location for the royal wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Dian a Spencer in 1981.

The British Museum houses some of the world’s finest collections on culture and civilization.The archaeological and historical artifact collections cover cultures from every corner of the Globe, from Egypt to South America.

The Tower of London has always been a popular attraction in London.In fact it has been fascinating visitors for over 300 years! The tower itself was built in the reign of William the Conqueror and has been a prison, a place of execution and even a jewel house.It was through Traitors’ Gate that prisoners would enter the Tower for the last time before facing their death.Tower Hill, found just outside the Tower, was once a popular place for executions-especially on a Sunday! Today the Tower houses, among other things, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armories.

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