The cost of living varies and it is very much depends on the lifestyle you lead. We recommend that you need about £5000 per year for accommodation and living expenses on top of your tuition fees. Some average examples are given below:

One day bus ticket £3.70
Bread (packet) 75 pence
Milk 0.5 litre 75 pence
Sugar 500g 80 pence
Tea (cup) £1:00
Coffee (cup) £1:80
Pizza £6:00
Hamburger £3:00
Cinema ticket £6.00
Bed and break fast (single room) £25 per night

Also, if you are a smoker or drinker, you should allow more personal spending money, as cigarettes are very expensive (from £5.00 for 20) and large glass of beer or medium glass of wine (from £2.50 -£3.50)!