Here are some simple rules to follow:

  • All English course candidates must attend English lessons and courses according to the Timetable
  • On your first day of course, we will show you the Safety and Fire procedures.
  • Students must behave with respect towards each other and their teachers. The college does not tolerate spoken or physical aggression (“bullying”) and anyone who acts like this will be told to leave the school. There will be no refund.
  • Smoking is not allowed in Bournemouth City College or in the Residence.
  • The college is not responsible for your personal possessions while you are here. Please take good care of them.
  • No food or drink (except water) may be taken into the English course classroom.
  • All mobile phones should be “off” during lessons.
  • We will not reveal English course attendees personal data to anyone except the appropriate authorities.
  • If you are here with a visa, you must attend classes each day, on time and study a minimum of 15 hours per week. If you do not do this, we have to tell the UK Border Agency (Home Office) and you may have to leave the country.