BCC residence management team tries very hard to ensure that you stay in a clean and safe environment. We have noticed some students are careless and do not respect BCC rules and regulations. We require every student to be considerate, responsible and polite while staying in the BCC residence. Therefore, you are asked to comply with the following rules:

  1. Visitors are Not allowed to stay overnight at the residence (All visitors must leave by 11:30pm). You will be asked to leave the residence if we notice that you bring visitors into the accommodation and allow them to stay longer than the permitted time.  If you would like to have a guest overnight you need to make advance arrangements with the accommodation staff and the cost is £15 per person for the night.
  2. Please leave the kitchens and bathrooms clean and tidy when you finish using them – ensuring that the floors are dry.
  3. Please keep noise to a minimum. Please do not bang the doors.
  4. Please be aware that BCC does not allow students to have parties and drink on the premises. If we notice any anti-social behavior occurring, BCC has the right to ask you to leave immediately.
  5. BCC residence holds a zero toleration policy towards smoking, prostitution, violence and drugs. If BCC management is made aware of, or observes any of these things occuring, BCC has the right to evict the student/tenant without warning.
  6. Taking fire exit signs and smoking signs off of the walls is against British law. Any student who does so will be prosecuted. Moving furniture and any BCC property around the residence is also not permitted.
  7. Please do not leave the lights on when you leave the bathroom, kitchen or your room.
  8. Pets are not permitted.