BCC policies aim to create a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for every one. BCC believes all its staff and English course attendees should build positive relationships based on respecting cultural differences. BCC Student Discipline Policy aims to make sure English course attendees understand the consequence of misbehavior and disturbances at the college, both in the class and office areas. Student misbehavior in a classroom or in another part of the BCC premises disrupts the educational process and badly affects the wellbeing of other English course attendees.  Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical threats to other English course attendees or BCC staff .Every English course attendee is required to refrain from this type of behavior.

Teacher’s Response to Disruptive Behavior

When disruptive behavior occurs:

The teacher will warn the English course attendee.  The warning will consist of orally notifying the student that his/her behavior is disruptive and that it must cease immediately or the English course attendees will face removal from the class.

If the course attendee fails to comply with the teacher’s warning, the teacher may require the disruptive English course attendees to immediately leave the classroom for the remainder of the class periodIf the English course attendees refuses to leave, the teacher may request the Director of Studies to remove the student.

Director of Studies’ Response to Disruptive Behavior

If the Director of Studies believes the disruptive behavior poses an immediate threat to the safety of the teacher, the English course attendee, or any other students or persons, the Director of Studies may summon the police to remove the student, regardless of whether a warning has been issued.  This action should be immediately reported by the Director of Studies to the Managing Director for review with respect to whether the English course candidate’s behavior poses an imminent threat to self or others such that s/he should be removed from the college, pending disciplinary proceedings.
If the Director of Studies chooses to allow the English course attendees to return to the class and continue with the course, the process is resolved.

Managing Director’s Response to Disruptive Behavior

Except for extenuating circumstances, the Managing Director will:

  1. Notify the English course attendee in writing, via e-mail and Mail, within 1 day of receiving the Director of Studies’ notice that the matter has been submitted to the Managing Director for a decision on whether the English course attendee should be removed from the course, and that s/he may not return to the class until the issue is resolved.  This notice shall include a written description of the disruptive behavior.  The student will also be informed that if s/he wishes to respond to the complaint, s/he must submit a written statement to the Managing Director and meet with the Managing Director  within  3 working days from the date of the written notice.
  2. Make her/himself available to meet with the student as soon as possible within 3 working days after written notice to the English course attendee.
  3. Decide on the appropriate outcome and send notice of the decision, with an explanation of the basis for the decision, to the English course attendee.  The decision may consist of:
    § allowing the English course attendee to return to course or courses, with or without conditions;
    § allowing or requiring the student to transfer to another course section or sections; or Withdrawing the English course attendee from the involved course or courses.

Notify the English course attendee via e-mail and mail of his/her decision within 3 working days of receiving the student’s response.  If the Managing Director decides that the student should be removed from the involved course or courses, s/he will sign the Disruptive Student Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Office Manager.  A copy of the Withdrawal Form will be mailed to the English course attendee by e-mail and mail. The office manager will also notify the Home Office and Student’s sponsor of student’s withdrawal from the college .BCC will not refund any course or accommodation fees.

Withdrawal Procedure

Students withdrawn for disruptive behavior from a course will receive a grade of A or B, according to BCC policy.  If the charge of disruptive behavior is upheld, regardless of whether the English course attendee is allowed to return to the course, the English course attendee is responsible for any loss of course fees.  In the event a decision is made at any point in this process that the student was removed without sufficient cause, then the student will be allowed to immediately return to the course without penalty and the Director of Studies will work with the English course attendee to facilitate the completion of any work missed.
The Director of Studies and the Office Manager will maintain a record of any disciplinary action and may initiate additional disciplinary processes at his/her discretion. If the Director of Studies decides that withdrawing the English course attendee from the course is necessary, s/he shall, within one (1) working day of the disruptive incident, provide the Managing Director with both a written report of the disruptive incident(s) and a completed Disruptive Student Withdrawal form (available in the reception )


At Bournemouth City College being on time for your classes is considered to be very important.  It shows that you are serious about learning English and that you respect both your teachers and your fellow students.  Punctuality is an important cultural part of the English speaking world.  Learning about and respecting this and other aspects of this culture is very important in your understanding of the English language and, eventually, your mastery of it.

Because all of our staff and teachers at BCC are dedicated to creating the best English learning environment possible for you, we feel it is necessary to provide strict punctuality guidelines for you.
These are as follows:

  • Please try to be punctual. This retains continuity in the learning environment. You are permitted to enter the class up to 10 minutes after the beginning of the 1st class in the morning.  (09:10 am)  You will be marked late if you enter the class after 9:00.  After the 10 minutes you will not be allowed to join the class and will be marked absent.  This 10 minute grace period is to allow for traffic or bus problems which cannot be controlled by individuals and should only be taken advantage of occasionally.  If you live at the residence you do not need this time and have no excuse for being late.
  • You will not be allowed late into your English course classroom after the morning break at 11:00 nor after the lunch break at 13:30.
  • You should remember that you need to maintain an 80% attendance rate to be allowed to stay in the UK on a English course attendee visa.  If you do not do this, you risk being sent home. Please do not try to enter the class and disrupt it after it has begun. Medical Insurance/Medical conditions
  • Students with any health problems must tell the college on enrolment.
  • We strongly advise students to take medical and travel insurance before they arrive at the college.
  • The college will not be liable for any damage, illness or injury to students or their property, except where this is implied by law.

Registration with a doctor

If you are here for a long period, it is advisable to register with a local doctor on a temporary basis. The college can advise English course students living in the residence which medical practices to apply to and host families can provide help to secure registration with their own, local doctors’ surgery.

How to register with NHS

English course attendee must take a passport and confirmation letter from BCC to a GP  The Doctors receptionist will handle the application.


  • To cancel or change the times of any Englissh course, the English course attendee must give at least 48 hours notice.
  • Under no circumstances will the college refund, either partly or fully, any course fees if the English course attendee has started the course.


All students must attend courses on time. Absence without a good reason is not allowed. Only absence due to sickness (certified by a doctor) or urgent family problems are acceptable. All absence is recorded, noted on the final certificate and is also available to any sponsors. All the students’ attendance must be at least 80% even if the English course attendee is from EU country.

If you have a visa to study in the UK, you must attend at least 15 hours lessons each week. If you do not attend class regularly, we will ask you to correct this. If you continue to attend badly, we will give you one warning letter only. If your attendance is still bad after this, we will ask you to leave the school and will inform the UK Border Agency (Home Office) who may arrange for your deportation. Also there are no refunds in such cases.

Police Registration and Identification

If your passport says you must register with the police, please tell us immediately and we will tell you what to do.  The required documents for Police registration are:

  • Passport
  • 2 photos
  • Confirmation letter from the college
  • Fees (£34 in cash per person)

You will be given a Police Registration Certificate, which you must carry with you at all times. You should also make a photocopy of your certificate and keep it in a safe place. Every time you change address, you must inform your local Police station so that they can update your certificate.
Carry the college Student Card or your National Identify Card with you at all times.  You may be asked for your Identity Card in shops as you are not allowed to buy alcohol unless you are 18 years old or more.

Counselling/Student Welfare Services

Should you have any concerns or problems about anything that you need to discuss with somebody whilst you are studying at BCC you can contact Lucia in the office and if she cannot assist you she will organize for you to get the appropriate help.


Bournemouth City College encourage their students to express themselves and talk to members of BCC staff if they experience a problem or are not satisfied with services provide by the college. If you have any problem or wish to make a complaint, please see the Welfare Manager immediately in Reception.  If you are not happy with your host family, Please see the Accommodation Manager, if you have a problem at the BCC residence, please contact the BCC Residence Manager in Reception.

If you have problems with your lessons, please talk to your teachers first. If you are still not happy, please contact the Director of Studies. If you would like to make a formal complain, please use Student complain form at the reception.

Health and Safety

Please read the information concerning fire procedures and the advice relating to your personal security very carefully.

Fire Alarm

If the Fire Alarm bell sounds everyone must leave the college immediately. We will show you the signs and ways out of the building on your first day.


When you have left the building, meet on the other side of the road in the park (Horseshoe Common)


If you see a fire, please do the following:-

  • Shout “Fire” as loudly as possible several times to make sure you are heard by others.
  • Walk towards the Fire Escape routes.
  • Under no circumstances use the elevator
  • When outside, inform the Fire Brigade by calling 999.
  • Go to the other side of the road and into the park (Horseshoe Common).
  • Find your teacher and classmates.
  • Stay there until told what to do.